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September 26, 2013

Late 2013 Craft Update

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So, 1.75 years after my last post, here’s an update on my craft status.

Knitting and crocheting: Progressing well. I still have far too much yarn and too many UFOs, but I finished 40 projects in 2012 and have finished 18 so far in 2013 (not bad given circumstances). I’m trying to focus more on one or two projects at a time, while still sometimes working on others.

Spinning: I’ve spun 20 more skeins of yarn since I last posted — most very short, granted, but a few in the 200-300 yard range. I got an inexpensive wheel. And, big surprise, I have far too many spins-in-progress on my spindles.

Cross-stitch: At some point I’ll admit that I’m not really a cross-stitcher anymore (probably when I finally get middle-aged vision difficulties). I’ve finished one or two ornaments and occasionally worked on other projects, but no significant work.

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