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January 9, 2011

2011 Craft Goals

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My craft goals for 2011:

1. Finish all the projects started before 2011 (except for sweaters/vests) in 2011:

  • Blue Curacao Shawl
  • CTH Peacock Socks
  • Hobby Horse
  • Katika
  • Garden Gate Socks
  • Bear Rug
  • Copper Penny Socks
  • Linen Bag
  • Loud Escher Socks
  • Shall We Dance Doily
  • Medallion Travel Bag
  • Spot Check Socks
  • Microsock

Exception: the Heere Be Dragone shawl (if I finish that, great, but since it takes so long to do a row, I’m not holding my breath on it).

2. Finish at least two sweaters/vests that I started before 2011 in 2011. My options:

  • Humphrey Vest
  • Al-Araaf Sweater
  • Sherwood
  • Japanese Vest
  • Portland Sweater
  • Arietta
  • Oblique
  • Flutter Cardigan
  • Neon Turkish Sweater
  • Lace Coverup
  • Aran sweater

(Oblique will almost certainly be done by the end of this month if I work on it at all. The other is likely to be Sherwood or one of the vests, though I might surprise myself with one of the others.)

3. Successfully complete the 52 Projects in 52 Weeks challenge in June and sign up for another year of it.

4. Start at least ten projects with stash I’ve had for more than two years.

5. When I buy new yarn, start the project it’s intended for within a month of purchase.

6. Make at least ten projects from patterns that have no Ravelry pattern photo (i.e. my Needlecraft for Today patterns), and take a good picture that can be used as the pattern photo.

7. Start a blanket to use up sock yarn scraps.

8. Start at least one project from my stash of wool that’s stored in the freezer; my husband would like more room for actual food.

9. Weave some towels from the gazillion cones of cotton yarn I’ve bought.

10. Go through the bins of yarn I got with my loom, and log everything I want to keep in my Ravelry stash.

11. Knit five pairs of plain socks.

12. Use all the remaining yarn from the Loopy Ewe orders that made me a Loopy Groupie.

13. Knit all the kid sweaters that I’ve bought yarn for (one in progress, three unstarted).

14. Reduce my knitting/crochet yarn stash so that it fits on my allotted yarn shelves (or at least is out of the closets).

15. Start working regularly on all the cross-stitch and sewing projects.

16. Keep practicing spinning.

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