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November 6, 2010

Why Some Projects Get Buried

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Stephanie Pearl-McPhee recently asked on her blog what makes you set aside and forget about a craft project you really like.

For me, it’s mostly the cumulative effects of newer and shinier projects.

Mind you, I’ll also set aside a project because it’s getting boring, or because I’ve hit a snag, or because while I really want the finished object I hate crocheting with #30 thread that tangles itself up every three stitches. (Yep, that’s a project that’s going to be finished in 2018.) And sometimes a project might be one I like, but it’s so complicated that it requires a stretch of uninterrupted time (see: Heere Be Dragone, which I actually hope to finish before 2018).

Most of the time, though, it’s just getting buried under other projects. Another project grabs my interest and attention, or I unearth an older project that now interests me again, or a project that I started as a quick project turns out to take longer than I’d thought, and the current project moves slowly to the bottom of the pile. Or I decide that some yarn sitting in stash is driving me up the wall, and I need to just start the project, adding to the UFO pressure but reducing the stash pressure. The result — the 20+ unfinished knitting and crochet projects, not to mention the other crafts that run the total even higher.

But so far, working on projects as they turn up on my to-do list seems to be helping with this. I only have to do a row every few days, or in some cases just a few stitches every few weeks. If it’s one I like, I’ll work on it more often; if it’s boring, it’s not that big deal to just knit a couple rows; if it’s crocheted with a tiny hook using #30 thread that is possessed by the ghost of a perverted topologist, I can still tolerate doing a few stitches. Nothing vanishes into the pile for too long. Ultimately, it’ll all be finished.

(Seven projects due this Sunday, though; we’ll see how that goes!)

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