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October 7, 2010

Craft Update: Caught Up on Knitting

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Being a mildly organizationally-obsessed person, I’ve got all my unfinished craft projects listed in Toodledo, set to remind me to do a few stitches or a row every so often. And then when I don’t get around to working on the project, as happens fairly often, I know about how long it’s been since I picked up that sweater or sock or hat.

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve caught up on all my knitting projects.

Everything’s been worked on, even if it’s only a row or two. Newer items like the Japanese vest pattern, older ones like the Turkish sweater and the Fair Isle hat — it’s all been touched at least once. I have no overdue knitting tasks.

Now we’ll see how long I can keep up with this. Some days I only have one knitting project on my to-do list; others I have five, especially challenging when they’re the doozies. This Saturday, for example, five projects are showing up at once, and four of them are complicated ones that I have trouble getting the impetus to work on. But I’m finding I can talk myself into one row, or maybe two; one row means one step closer to done.

Still, it’s a nice feeling, knowing that all my knitting is current.

Now if I can just get there with the crochet and the sewing and the cross-stitch….

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