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May 26, 2010

Craft Update: Yeah, a Few Things Got Finished over the Last Eight Months

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A massive case of startitis, a massive case of stashitis, and some occasional actual finishing; that’s been my life in crafts lately.


  • Knit:
    • Socks from Regia Ringel Color in Clown
    • Andean Treasure Vest
    • Ballet socks
    • Coupling
    • Felted Lopi Bowl
    • Frondly Hat (too loose to do much good outside, but a nice hat for bed)
    • Frondly Scarf
    • Kureyon Backpack (felting turned out meh; waste of a nice color of Kureyon)
    • Claudia Sport socks
    • Colonnade Shawl
    • Snake & Mouse
    • Blue/red/purple print socks
    • Saints Victory Washcloths
  • Crochet:
    • Toy Brontosaurus
    • Lopi Bag
    • Two of my favorite pattern of string bag
    • A different string bag
    • Penguin
    • EVE
  • Woven:
    • Sampler Towel #4
    • Sampler Towel #5
    • Sampler Towel #6
    • Sampler Towel #7
    • Sampler Runner
    • Sampler Mat
    • Scarf in Telemark Scraps

Still ongoing:

  • Medallion Travel Bag: Done with the bottom and starting on the sides
  • Annemor #8 Gloves: Just the fingers left, but they’re a pain in the rear and taking forever…
  • Arietta: A few more rows (changed one of the colors at the last minute)
  • Heere Be Dragone: A couple more rows
  • Memories afghan: A few more rows (60% done!)
  • Aran Sweater: Sleeves are past the elbows, I think
  • Lace Coverup: Part of a motif
  • Neon Turkish Sweater: A few rows (hate running in ends)
  • Microsock: A few rows
  • Flutter Cardigan: Still think it’s too big; still need to make myself knit a few more inches and see if it’s as bad as I think
  • Oblique: Fronts and back are done; I’ve started the sleeves
  • Spot-check socks: Halfway down the legs
  • Shall We Dance Doily: Still in the boring section
  • Fair Isle Swatch Cap: Resurrected, and a few more rows knitted
  • All the cross-stitch, latch hook, and sewing projects: Yep, still lingering

Started in the meantime:

  • Turkish Stockings from a Gibson-Roberts book: barely started; one square inch of toe over the past six months
  • Portland Sweater: Starting at the yoke and have a few inches; hoping I have enough yarn since it’s discontinued and gone and I bought less than I’d thought I did
  • Loud Escher Socks: An inch of cuff on each
  • Socks in Knitpicks Dancing “Tap”: Most of the way through the foot and fixing to start the heels
  • Fuzzy Bathmat: What was I thinking to do a double-stranded bulky cotton chenille as my first entrelac project?
  • Vest from a Japanese pattern book: A very few rows; way too many of my UFOs can be described this way. They’re acting as placeholders rather than projects.
  • Wonnacott’s The Bag: A few rows, almost through the first pattern repeat.
  • Sydney Spice Socks: Toes done. This yarn was clearly dyed to match my wardrobe….
  • Sorcery Socks: Toes done, one foot half done
  • Cotlin Towels: Warp is measured; now need to put it on the loom

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