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November 7, 2009

Movie Watching: Kuch Na Kaho

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In Kuch Na Kaho, Raj, who’s returned to India to attend his cousin’s engagement and wedding ceremonies, meets Namrata, an employee of his uncle. Trying to foil his uncle’s attempts to set him up with a nice young woman, Raj ends up falling in love with Namrata — and then he discovers her history.

It’s a very enjoyable movie, and the last hour was especially gripping. If I hadn’t read the description on the box, I wouldn’t have any idea how it was going to end (and even having read the description, I thought “did the blurber actually watch this movie?” until the very end).

Two particular things that struck me about it:

The comic relief Sikh couple were funny but made me a little uncomfortable; it reminded me too much of American films I’ve seen where the minority character does dumb things for comic relief. I haven’t seen nearly enough Indian film to judge whether this is a regional stereotype or whether it’s just that the comic relief happens to be from this culture and I’m projecting my own cultural issues.

By the time the climactic scene rolled around, I was expecting at least a fist fight between the men involved, and in an American film, that’s probably how it would’ve been resolved. Not here; the resolution comes from a dramatic impassioned speech made by the heroine. That caught my attention and made me realize how accustomed I am to the former.

Overall verdict: well worth watching.

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