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September 23, 2009

Recent Reading: Random Romances, and Not

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Meredith Duran, The Duke of Shadows. A romance that follows the protagonists from their meeting in colonial India through their separation in a rebellion and their reunion in London four years later. The first part of the book was compelling and kept me turning the pages; it slowed down for me once they were back in London. Worth reading for that first part, though.

Jennifer Crusie, Manhunting and Anyone But You. The first is a romance between a career woman and a slacker man; the second a romance between an editor and a doctor ten years younger than her. Both were great fun.

Amanda Grange, Mr. Darcy’s Diary P&P retold through Darcy’s eyes. It was a fun read, but it didn’t give me any new ways of looking at canon. And the page design looks amateurish — the font for the dates running into the text below? That’s a mistake I’d make; a professional book designer should be doing better than that.

Grace Lin, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. A children’s book in which a girl goes on a quest to save her drab village. Lovely — it reminded me of Hughart’s Bridge of Birds in both the setting and the way random loose ends tie together as the book progresses.

Jennifer Crusie, ed., Flirting with Pride & Prejudice. A collection of fan essays on P&P, its appeal, Austen’s world, etc. None of the essays are strongly sticking in my memory two weeks later, but it was an interesting read.

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