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August 16, 2009

Recent Reading: Romances

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Pamela Morsi, Simple Jess. A romance where the hero is mildly mentally retarded. The story is great; it’s interesting to see how Althea’s and Jesse’s love develops. Jesse’s frequent frustration with everyone talking too fast also rings true, based on what I observe of my own son. The details of life in Marrying Stone are also nifty.

One thing that particularly struck me about this story: if you set it today, it’d be harder to make it work. Jesse has cognitive impairments, most definitely, but he’s been able to learn how to hunt, to care for livestock, to butcher meat, to do various farming tasks. He’s perfectly able to carry out the jobs of an adult in his society, something Althea realizes as the story progresses. Today, on the other hand, unless Jesse had been lucky enough to be born on a family farm that was staying afloat or to a family that practiced homesteading in the Rockies, he wouldn’t be able to support a family, and possibly wouldn’t even be allowed to marry.

Loretta Chase, Don’t Tempt Me. I love the characters and the premise, and I overall enjoyed the book, but the last quarter of the book felt a little tacked-on; the villain didn’t really work for me.

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