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October 25, 2008

Summer Movies

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Movies I watched over the summer:

  • Drumline. Great music, interesting characters (though I found myself rooting for Leonard Roberts’s character rather than for the protagonist), and in general a fun movie for anyone who’s been in a marching band.
  • Samurai Rebellion. Beautiful and tragic. I predicted a couple of the plot turns, but still found them moving. Not a movie for days when you need a happy and hopeful ending.
  • Animal Crackers and A Day at the Races. Continuing my education in Marxist thought.
  • Vertigo. Continuing my education in Hitchcock films. Wow.
  • The Incredibles. The ending is particularly fun to watch with a fussy newborn.
  • Yellow Submarine. Its main redeeming value is a lot of good puns and of course Beatles songs; the aesthetics are interesting but did nothing for me.
  • Penn & Teller’s Magic & Mystery Tour. Penn & Teller talk to street magicians in China, India, and Egypt. Fascinating, though not for the weak of stomach.

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