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May 21, 2007

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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Only five years late on this movie; not too bad by my standards!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Eh. It had some nice moments, but it had a lot of moments where I could barely resist making snarky comments to my boyfriend about chick flicks. Ian was moderately attractive and quite pleasant, but the entirety of his personality seems to be summed up as 1. he’s bored with his background, and 2. he thinks Toula’s cute and interesting. And Toula can pretty well be summed up as 1. she wants to get some distance from her crazy Greek family, and….no, that’s about it. I don’t have any real sense of what (other than hormones) holds this couple together in the face of a major cultural difference; it’s just “ooh! I’ve found a man who I have the hots for and who isn’t scared off by my crazy family!” And that isn’t satisfying.

I actually found the family much more engaging than the romance. The parents and aunts and uncles were entertaining (and I’ve met women like the mother). The brother’s practical jokes on Ian were a bit embarrassing to watch, but what made it hilarious was when the parents immediately knew who’d set Ian up. Watching the various interesting cultural bits made me think about the whole issue of assimilation/”Americanization” — a lamb roasted whole on a spit in the front yard isn’t any less “American” than grilling the same lamb sliced up on a barbeque, but a lot of the folks who are really loud about wanting immigrants to assimilate would probably object to said lamb on a spit. The dancing was kind of neat, though speaking as a folk dancer, the dancing would have been a lot more interesting if there were more scenes where you could actually see their feet.

And I totally called it on the location of the house.

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