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July 21, 2005

On Spending

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It’s a truism that the more money you make, the more you find yourself spending.

In January I had a schedule change at work that, among other things, enabled me to take my son out of after-school care for the semester — almost $400/month more to work with! Yes, the truism applies to me. And yes, some of it is due to more “fun” spending — I can actually afford to take those ballroom dance classes now; since I’m less cash-pinched I’m eating out a bit more often; I’ve actually crossed the door of Ginger’s Needlearts for the first time in ages.

But you know where most of that money’s going? I’m getting around to all the home repair projects that I’d been putting off due to lack of funds.

I got the air conditioner repaired. I bought primer and started on the long-overdue eaves scraping and repainting. I bought a replacement door for the one that’s been covered by a piece of plywood ever since my house was broken into in September, and I’m hoping to install it or have it installed by the end of the summer. I finally ripped the carpet in my hallway and living room, the ugly and getting-moldy carpet that already needed replacing when we moved in here seven years ago, and replaced it with tile. I might even fix that falling-down fence at long last.

This is how a lot of financially-strapped people manage. If it’s not absolutely urgent, we put it off because the resources just aren’t there. The door’s ugly with that panel nailed over it, but it closes. The air conditioner wouldn’t have become an urgent need until mid-June. The fence may annoy neighbors, but it’s not hurting the structure of the house. So I let them float. (And I’m well-off compared to a whole lot of people in this country.)

Not all spending increases are frivolous!

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