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June 16, 2004

Random Weird Political View

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So, since I’ve been talking way too much about diapers lately, let’s briefly digress into one of my political opinions.

The death penalty.

When it’s administered by the would-be victim or someone in the vicinity with the intent of preventing a violent crime, with the understanding that the “executioner” then has to go through some hefty inquiry by a court to verify that yes, a violent crime really was taking place and deadly force really was necessary (as opposed to “he looked at me funny, so I shot him”), then I’m for it.

When it’s administered by the government, I’m ambivalent. But if we’re going to have it, let’s make it blatantly clear that we consider killing another person to be a terrible thing: let’s have the executioner be a volunteer, who agrees to go to prison for the rest of their life after executing the criminal. Killing someone in self-defense is one thing, but killing a person in cold blood should be treated as a most horrible action that removes the killer’s right to participate in society, no matter how much the dead person deserved it.

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