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April 15, 2004

Minor Advantages to Autism

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Reading John Scalzi’s report on his daughter’s first photographic forays has put me into another noxious self-pitying mode. His five-year-old child uses a digital camera, talks verbosely, and plays with Photoshop; my five-year-old child wears diapers, occasionally says “juice” intelligibly, and throws sticks.

What, me bitter?

So, as a mood corrective:

Minor Advantages to Having a Non-Verbal, Mildly Autistic Kid

  • I can buy his Christmas presents in front of him, and he won’t notice.
  • I don’t need to spend a lot on Christmas presents.
  • I can use the same Halloween costume for as many years in a row as it’ll fit.
  • Birthdays are no big deal.
  • There is no begging for the latest “in” toy.
  • The bedtime routine is so set that I can start it in the middle and still get the right end result.
  • If he wakes up before I do, he plays in his room instead of wandering the house. (He can open his bedroom door; he just doesn’t until I come to get him. Though this may be fixing to change.)
  • He never says rude words in order to shock me.
  • I’ve never had to deal with the endless chain of “but why?”
  • Little things thrill me immensely. For example, yesterday, he attempted to unlock the side doorknob with the wrong key, figured out for himself that it wasn’t working, and put the correct key in. I was delighted.

Hey, I may never know what it’s like to have my child say, “Mama! Look at this! Isn’t it cool?”, but I do have my perks here and there….

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