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August 29, 2009

Craft Update: Lots of Finishing

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Finished (photos to come):

  • Ivy socks.
  • Sampler Towel #2. (It’s amazing how much better weaving goes when the warp actually goes over the back beam.)
  • Sampler Towel #3. (It’s also amazing how much faster it goes.)
  • Blueberry Grape socks.
  • Aikman-Smith Dragon Ornament.


  • Toy Brontosaurus. Body is done; head is on hold while I debate whether to embroider eyes now or do it after it’s done (I think I’ll wait). After that, it’s just the legs and sewing.
  • Sampler Towel #4. A third done, and when I get another couple hours with the loom I should be able to finish it.


  • Socks from Regia Ringel Color in Clown: a few more rows.
  • Medallion Travel Bag: 2/3 through the bottom.
  • Annemor #8 Gloves: Thumb gusset started on first glove.
  • Andean Treasure Vest: Didn’t stop the neck decreases where I should’ve; debating whether to rip.
  • Ballet socks: Halfway up the legs.
  • Arietta: A few more rows. (The third ribbing color is in.)
  • Heere Be Dragone: a couple more rows
  • Memories afghan: A few more rows.
  • Coupling: A few more rows.
  • Spot-check socks: Still on the beginning ribbing, but on both socks.

August 1, 2009

Craft Update: Bags, Cross-stitch, and Little Knitting Bits

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I finally proved that one can make Leslie’s Old-Fashioned String Bag in a day; I made two more of them this month, the lilac one taking just a smidge over a day and the blue one finished in less than eight hours. (Both bags were mostly crocheted while at the theater finally seeing Star Trek [liked it so much, I went twice]. Once you’re past the bottom, this bag is actually a pretty good project for working in the dark, and because crochet only uses one hook, it doesn’t make noise like knitting needles do.)


I’ve had Jennifer Aikman-Smith’s Christmyth ornament patterns sitting in my cross-stitch pattern folder for years. Since I signed up for an ornament-finishing class in August, that’s given me the incentive to finally work on one of these for the class, the dragon ornament. I’m about 15% through it (and wishing that I could put my cross-stitch into Ravelry so I could have all my needlework on one list).

Other progress:

  • Socks from Regia Ringel Color in Clown: half the foot.
  • Medallion Travel Bag: halfway through the bottom.
  • “Shall We Dance?” doily: six rounds. If I crocheted properly, it’d be further along; my weird self-taught crochet motions are pretty slow, and I’m not going to use a thread project to teach myself a different method.
  • Annemor #8 Gloves: Cuff done on first glove.
  • Andean Treasure Vest: on fifth pattern after the armhole steeks.
  • Oblique: Two decreases done on back; chugging along.
  • Ballet socks: Gussets done; working on the legs.
  • Ivy socks: I keep messing up one particular row of the repeat and having to rip back. That said, there’s a half repeat left on one and a whole repeat left on the other, plus ribbing. I may finally get these done in August.
  • Arietta: A couple more rows. I’ve at least finally added the second color, but there’s still less than an inch done on this.
  • Blueberry Grape socks: Heels done; working up the legs.
  • Heere Be Dragone: a couple more rows
  • Memories afghan: A few more rows.
  • Coupling: A few more rows.
  • Spot-check socks: Still on the beginning ribbing.
  • Aran sweater: A few more rows on the sleeves; I need to do about two more repeats of one pattern for them to be long enough.
  • Flutter Cardigan: A few more rows. I’ve decided to keep working it at the current size and see what happens.

June 29, 2009

Craft Update: Startitis and Bag

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The dread disease of startitis has caught up with me again. I continue to justify it with the reasoning that if I have the yarn, it’s already taking up space in my brain, so I might as well start. Sadly, this reasoning does not lead to rapid finishing.

I’m not formally participating in the WiP Wrestling Mania on Ravelry in July, but I may try to focus on a couple long-lingering projects, like the Ivy socks and the Aran sweater.


  • Socks from Regia Ringel Color in Clown. I’ve finished the toes.
  • Medallion Travel Bag, a huge fairisle felted bag. I’m almost halfway through the bottom.
  • “Shall We Dance?” doily, using inherited #30 crochet cotton. (I justify this project because it needs a Ravelry entry, and I want it to have a photo.)
  • Annemor #8 Gloves. First glove is halfway to the thumb.
  • Another Old-Fashioned String Bag — actually started & finished! I didn’t have quite enough of the skein to finish, but I had some remnants of a coordinating color.

Other progress:

  • Andean Treasure Vest: on fourth pattern after the armhole steeks.
  • Oblique: Front done through waist decreases; switching to the back to work the same section.
  • Ballet socks: Heels turned; in the middle of gussets.
  • Ivy socks: Working on the legs. Need 1.5 more pattern repeats on one sock and 2.5 on the other (of course, a pattern repeat is 28 rows….).
  • Arietta: One more row. Given that it now consists of three rows, I could argue that this isn’t even started.
  • Blueberry Grape socks: Rapidly approaching the heels.
  • Heere Be Dragone: The second set of charts is done, and I’m about to start the third. (The good news: there’s only four sets of charts. The bad news: charts 3 & 4 are about 75% of the shawl body, and there’s still the edging afterwards.)
  • Memories afghan: A few more rows.
  • Coupling: A few rows beyond the toes. I haven’t quite gotten the pattern memorized; I can do most of the rows without looking at the pattern, but there’s one that still sometimes throws me.
  • Spot-check socks: A few more rows of ribbing on the first sock. This is another that counts as “barely enough to justify being called started”.

May 24, 2009

Craft Update: Dishcloth, Socks, Booties

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I don’t quite agree with the Yarn Harlot that we many-at-a-time knitters finish things just as fast as one-at-a-time knitters. Yes, total knitting time is total knitting time no matter how many projects you spread it over, but if you take a slice of my knitting time vs. a slice of knitting time from the alternate universe me that knits the same amount but focuses on one project at a time, at the end of that slice of time, alternate me will have a few more finished objects than this-universe me — we may have both knit 50K stitches, but I’ll have them scattered over 2 finished and 12 unfinished projects, while alternate me will have put them all into 6 finished projects plus the one on the needles.

That said, the fun of having many projects going at once is that sometimes you finish several at once. Like the Grün Ist Die Hoffnung socks, the Hockey Skate Booties, and the Dalek Dishcloth, all finished over the course of a week and a half.

Naturally, I’ve taken the excuse to start two new projects, the Spot Check socks from Knitting with Handpainted Yarns (one cuff started) and the Coupling socks from Knitty (both toes done, first pattern repeat done on one sock).

Other progress:

  • Andean Treasure Vest: finished first pattern after the armhole steeks.
  • Oblique: Still chugging along slowly on the front.
  • Ballet socks: 60% through the feet.
  • Ivy socks: A few rows.
  • Arietta: One more row.
  • Blueberry Grape socks: Toes done.
  • Flutter Cardigan: On looking at it further, it may actually be the recommended size — it’s hard to tell with this stitch. I’ll keep going for now; if I run out of yarn, then I’ll rip and start over a bit smaller.
  • Everything else: nothing or negligible progress.

April 25, 2009

Socks and Dishcloth

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Two finished projects: the Southwestern Socks (which I call Tundra Socks) that are too big for me and will probably end up going to my sister,

and a blue crocheted dishcloth that seems like it might work better as a potholder.

Two started projects: the Arietta cardigan (if you can call it started; I’ve done a swatch to check color, and I’ve cast on and knit one row of the back), and a pair of socks in Panda Cotton, color Blueberry Grape (just realized I did something weird with the toe increases; will probably rip the one sock).

Other progress:

  • Gruen ist die Hoffnung socks — in the home stretch! The heels are done, so it’s just straight knitting up the legs until I’m ready to do ribbing and cast off.
  • Andean Treasure Vest is on the last pattern before the armhole steeks start.
  • Oblique: Chugging along slowly on the front.
  • Ballet socks: halfway through the feet.
  • Afghan: still on the corner.
  • Aran sweater: a couple more sleeve rows.
  • Everything else: nothing or negligible progress.

March 10, 2009


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The Stacked Eyelet Cowl is done. I haven’t decided what (if anything) to start in its place yet.

I’ve finished the back ribbing on Oblique and started the front ribbing; while I’m going to do the pieces separately like the pattern says, I’m working them simultaneously so as to more easily keep track of my shaping. So far the size looks like it’s going to be decent….

…unlike the Flutter cardigan, which I’ve realized is far too large. I’m going to have to do some calculations before I rip and restart the body.

Other progress:

  • Gruen ist die Hoffnung socks — a couple more rows.
  • Andean Treasure Vest is on the fifth pattern.
  • Tundra socks are nearing the end of the heel gusset.
  • Ballet socks: smidge of foot. They’re still in the “I keep knitting but they’re not growing” phase.
  • Afghan: a corner.

February 25, 2009


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Startitis has hit with a vengeance. So far this year, I’ve started the Oblique cardigan (halfway through the back ribbing), a pair of socks in KnitPicks Dancing color Ballet (toes are done; starting on the foot), the Stacked Eyelet Cowl (halfway through), and an afghan from Lion Homespun. But hey, they all count under my “I have the yarn, and it’s assigned to a project, so it’s effectively a UFO already” rule.

And I’ve finished a fair number of projects over the past couple months:

  • the Featherweight Fantasy stole
  • the Trekking socks
  • the Regia Lampion socks
  • a string bag out of Hempathy
  • a string bag out of Euroflax linen
  • a hat for the baby
  • a new Urchin
  • a set of dishcloths for my sister’s family
  • the heart ornament

Other progress:

  • Gruen ist die Hoffnung socks have about 25 rows each left on the foot before I turn the heels.
  • Andean Treasure Vest is almost through the fourth pattern.
  • Tundra socks are nearing the end of the heel gusset.
  • Heere Be Dragone: row 152.
  • Flutter cardigan is about a third of the way to the front-back split.
  • The gussets on Ivy Socks are done.
  • Neon Turkish Sweater — a couple more rows.
  • A thread on the cross-stitch pentacle.

January 11, 2009

2009 Craft Goals

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I didn’t even remotely meet any of my big craft goals for 2008, but a baby is a perfectly good excuse not to. And I did at least meet my baseline goal of averaging one finished item per month, and actually finished five projects in December (including the Ruby Heart ornament at 9:00 p.m. on New Year’s Eve).

My 2009 craft goals:

  • Finish the cabled sweater.
  • Finish at least one other in-progress sweater.
  • Start at least two sweaters that I have yarn for.
  • Finish the five pairs of socks that are in progress.
  • Start five more pairs of socks (and finish several).
  • Reach row 250 on Dragonne.
  • Finish the towel on the loom.
  • Knit something for the baby (preferably the Sherwood sweater, but we’ll see).
  • Work on all my lingering cross-stitch projects at least once during the year.
  • Finish that black shirt and skirt that’ve been lingering forever.

November 3, 2008

Craft Update: A bag, and some other stuff

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  • Andean Treasure Vest. Almost done with the third pattern stripe.
  • Grün Ist die Hoffnung Socks. Finished the medallion, need to start the toe.

Progressing on:

  • Trekking socks — the heels are finally done!
  • Regia Lampion socks — the heels are almost ready for decreasing.
  • Southwestern Socks — starting the heel gusset.
  • Featherweight Fantasy shawl — into the third repeat of five.
  • Heere Be Dragone — row 142.
  • Flutter Cardigan — started the body, ran into a yarn flaw, but we’ll see how it goes.
  • Neon Turkish Sweater — a couple rows.

Started and finished:

  • Net shopping bag. I don’t know how durable it’ll be, but it certainly holds quite a bit!

September 1, 2008

Still Alive.

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  • Finished the Apple Laine Party Time socks.
  • Started the Featherweight Fantasy stole from Knitter’s Shawls and Scarves. (Malabrigo worsted, bought two days before Spud #2 was born.)
  • Started the Wendyknits Southwestern Socks. (Fiesta Boomerang that’s been in the stash for a year.)
  • The sleeves on the Flutter Cardigan are almost done.
  • The feet on the Trekking socks are almost done.
  • The gussets on the Ivy socks are almost done.
  • The feet on the Regia Lampion socks are halfway to the heel.
  • I’m up to row 128 on Heere Be Dragone.

I haven’t touched any other projects, but with a new baby and given that I’m back at work, I figure I’m doing pretty well.

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